Emerald cut







The Emerald Cut

Emerald cut (rectangle) diamonds are classically beautiful and appeals to a wide variety of people. Here are a few facts about emerald cut diamonds:

  • The traditional emerald cut has three tiers or steps of facets on the crown and three tiers or steps of facets on the pavilion, for a total of 49 facets
  • This cut is sensitive to the angular relationship between each tier or “step”
  • More than some other cuts, if an emerald cut diamond is cut incorrectly, the stone can be quite unattractive
  • Emerald cuts are fashioned with different length-to-width ratios and different corner ratios
  • Will often have 4 “steps” or tiers of facets on the crown and/or pavilion

Each cut is beautiful in its own way. AGS Labs is uniquely equipped to provide expert evaluation on fancy cut diamonds. It’s one more way we are committed to ensuring safe buying when you purchase beautiful diamonds and diamond jewelry.