Edox’s passion for technical perfection quite naturally led the company into the world of nautical sports, initially involving luxury boats, and later powerboats. In November 2006, Edox became official timekeeper for the Class-1 World Powerboat Championship, the famous Formula 1 of the seas. The two crews of the Team Qatar boats wear Edox Class-1 models on their wrists.

World Rally ChampionshipWorking in close cooperation with Class-1 engineers, Edox developed a new form of chronometry based on satellite and GPS technology. Edox became the first watchmaking brand to make a substantial and long-term commitment to motorized water sports.

 More recently, Edox has developed an important partnership as the official timekeeper of the prestigious World Rally Championship, a grueling land race that features the best drivers in the world.

Since their beginnings, Edox Watches has had a very clear vision of how to achieve and exceed excellence, thanks to their innovative ideas and ceaseless design research, while at the same time maintaining the classic traditions of watchmaking know-how. Elegance, precision, and technical innovation have represented the Edox philosophy since 1884.