Labgrown Solitair Ring 2.09 crt. Labgrown Solitair Ring 2.09 crt. Labgrown Solitair Ring 2.09 crt.

Labgrown Diamant F-VS2

Labgrown Solitair Ring 2.09 crt.

City Diamonds

Discover our beautiful 18-carat white gold solitaire ring, set with a stunning 2.09 carat labgrown diamond. This breathtaking stone, with color grade F (Top Wesselton) and clarity V.S.2, radiates pure elegance. A timeless piece of jewelry of unprecedented beauty, perfect to celebrate a special occasion or as a symbol of eternal love.

This solitaire ring, with a diamond set in a 4-prong setting, is handmade in our shop.

The ring is made of 18-carat white gold and can also be made in yellow gold or rose gold.

The ring is available in an average women's size, but can be enlarged or reduced upon request.

Labgrown diamonds are artificially produced by humans in controlled laboratory environments. These diamonds have the same chemical composition, crystal structure and physical properties as natural diamonds. By using advanced technologies, scientists can produce these diamonds efficiently and sustainably. They offer an ethically sourced alternative to traditionally mined diamonds and are becoming increasingly popular due to their quality, purity and lower environmental impact.

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Product specificaties

Edelsteen Labgrown Diamonds
Slijpvorm Pear Shape/ Brilliant
Aantal Stenen 4
Gewicht Diamant 2.09 crt
Certificaat HRD Antwerp
Diamant Kleur F (Top Wesselton)
Diamant Zuiverheid VS2
Proporties Excellent
Polish Excellent
Symmetrie Excellent (Hearts & Arrows)
Fluorescentie Nil
Materiaal Gold
Kleur Goud White
Karaat Goud 18 Carat - 750/1000
Artikel Nummer 12265